Luke Noonan


Role(s): Design, Programming, Sound Design

Inspired by the famous Terry Riley work, “In C”, Infinite-C is a generative audio experience which attempts to reimagine Riley’s playful piece as an infinite interactive game. As with the original composition, the game’s progression (and duration) is only loosely prescribed, and is therefore dependent on both the players actions and the decisions of the AI agents to steer the unfolding.

AI Instructions: Play through the 53 phrases in order, repeating each as you see fit. The human may indicate dynamics via mouse, or a hold on the current phrase by standing next to you. Follow this instruction if you wish but don’t hang on any phrase for too long. The game ends when the human hits the escape key.

Human Instructions: Move around with WASD/Arrows. Move closer to an AI, to slow their progression. Use Left/right mouse buttons to indicate a crescendo or decrescendo. It is your responsibility to end the piece using the escape key.