Luke Noonan

Typing Simulator

Role(s): Creative Director, Lead Designer, Lead Developer, Project Managment, Curriclum Development, UI/UX

Typing Simulator started when I wanted to really learn to type. After trying countless other typing games and apps I found none of them did what I wanted. So I decided to build my own. Pulling some of the best features from these other games, I also experimented with many of my own.

Over time it grew from a simple VR typing app to a personal pedagogical laboratory. It turns out that the VR environment is an excellent platform for exploring cutting edge research in areas such as deliberate practice, memory, perception, data visualization and ergonomics.

Since starting this project I have more than doubled my typing speed and drastically improved my accuracy. My growing group of collaborators and I liked how it turned out so much, that we decided to share it.